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William Mitch Upchurch                                                                          Appointed Jan. 3, 2022
Upton County Sheriff
P.O. Box 27
1106 North Grand Street
Rankin, Texas 79778
Phone: 432-693-2422
Fax: 432-693-2303

Investigator, Sgt KT Pruett    KTpruett@co.upton.tx.com

Jail Administrator, Darcy Lynch dlynch@co.upton.tx.us                                                                           
McCamey Substation 
108 West 5th






    The Upton County Sheriff's Department will always accept applications for the 

    positions of Deputy Sheriff, Jailer and Dispatcher


    Complete and file a legible application with all required documents and send to:


    P.O. BOX 27

    RANKIN TX. 79778

    If you have questions, contact (432)-693-2422.

    1. You are responsible for obtaining correct names, addresses, and phone numbers for your application. If information cannot be verified due to incorrect/missing information, your application may be disqualified.
    2. List all past employers (even if self-employed) and account for any time unemployed since age of 18. If there is insufficient space on the form, attached extra sheet and reference the relevant section.
    3. Be sure to include all relevant names, dates, supervisors names, and state clearly why you left each place of employment.


    • Resumes, Certificates, reference letters, Copy of Military form DD-214 showing honorable discharge, if ever in military


    • Must pass a written examination
    • Must appear for all requested examinations and interviews
    • Must pass a psychological examination
    • Must pass a polygraph examination, if requested
    • Background investigations that will be conducted and must be acceptable include:
      • Criminal records
      • Driving records
      • Credit history
      • Employment history
    • General background investigation with respect to references and others who can verify applicant conduct
    • Review Board
    • Physical Exam, and drug test
    • Vision must be correctable to 20/20.

    APPLICANTS MAY BE REJECTED FOR EMPLOYMENT AT ANY POINT IN THE PROCESS. Any misrepresentation or omission in the application or other forms will be grounds for rejection or dismissal.


    Upton County Sheriffs Department
    SHERIFF William Mitch Upchurch
    P.O. Box 27 
    Rankin, Texas 79778 
    Phone: (432)-693-2422
    Fax: (432)-693-2303


    The Upton County Sheriff's Department is always looking for hard working, qualified individuals to apply.

    Upton County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.